Dimitri Akrivos

PhD Student. Activist.

Dimitri Akrivos is originally from Greece and comes from a family of radical pro-democracy, antifascist activists who immigrated to the US. Currently he is a PhD student at the Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York and is a member of AKNY – Greece Solidarity Movement and a supporter of SYRIZA- NY. His past work includes organizing large anti-war demonstrations and volunteer outreach efforts for United For Peace and Justice, radical performance activism with The Church of Stop Shopping, and agitating for WBAI community radio in New York, among others.

Pablo Benson

Activist. Researcher.

Pablo Benson Silva is a Puerto Rican activist and researcher who lives in New York City. He studied Sociology at the University of Puerto Rico and at the New School for Social Research. In addition to writing “Nonsense, Hacks, and New Conjuctures: a record of an expanded tactical repetoire” which is soon to be published by COLEF – and giving lectures, Pablo divides his time between various projects associated with Occupy Wall Street. During Occupy, he helped create the “Assembly in Spanish`` where he edited and co-founded a spanish-language newspaper called ``Indig-nación``. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York he was the base coordinator for the mutual aid network called Occupy Sandy. Pablo is currently an ally of the Worker Cooperatives in the Rockaways project (W.O.R.C.s), and initiative that came out of Occupy Sandy and Movement Netlab that seeks to better understand techno-political movements in the U.S. context and to develop new ways to strengthen them. He has also collaborated with the Yes Men in several actions against Carlos Slim and the World Bank.

Heidi Chua

Organizer. Cooperator.

Heidi Chua was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and immigrated to the USA with her family. She worked at Chinese Staff and Workers Association a New-York based worker center helping immigrant workers fight for the 40-hour work week and to fight long work hours and low pay. She was part of the students organizing against austerity cuts to public education at Brooklyn College/City University of New York. She is Office Manager of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung N.Y. Office and lives in one of the longest running, self-organized, cooperative houses in Brooklyn.

Naoki Peter Fujita

Labor Lawyer. Organizer.

Naoki Fujita is a practicing labor lawyer, based in New York. Previously, he worked on policy research and legislation to protect the rights of retail and other contingent workers: specifically, in the areas of fair work schedules, pre-employment credit checks and unemployment insurance for part-time employees. He has also provided assistance to arts and socials services organizations seeking to comply with New York State nonprofit incorporation laws. He has organized service sector workers in both New Jersey and New York, most recently organizing health care workers in New Jersey.

Elia Gran

Photojournalist. Activist.

Elia Gran is a Spanish, New York based photojournalist. She has written or collaborated with WBAI radio, DemocracyNow!, The New York Times, Periódico Diagonal, La Directa and Eldiario.es. In Barcelona, Spain she was involved in organizing local media, especially through radio programs and local publications, to try to talk about those issues less present in mainstream media. Her interests focus mainly on Human Rights issues and social movements. She considers herself an activist and is part of the Marea Granate organization in NYC which, together with other worldwide grassroot communities, are trying to create a global network of collaboration.

Jesus Gonzalez

Jesus Gonzalez

Activist. Organizer.

Jesus Gonzalez is a founding member of Make the Road, New York. Make the Road New York (MRNY) is the largest participatory social justice organization in New York with over 12,000 members throughout NYC and Long Island.

Gilda Haas

Organizer. Educator. Urban Planner.

Gilda Haas is an organizer, educator and urban planner who has been working on economic justice initiatives for the past 35 years. Gilda is based in Los Angeles, was the founding director of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, and taught economic development at UCLA, where she also created the Community Scholars Program. She now teaches in Antioch University’s new Urban Sustainability M.A. Program, manages the popular education website of her alter-ego, Dr. Pop, and is investigating ways to support and sustain worker cooperatives in L.A.

Sasha Hammad


Sasha Hammad has organized low wage workers in retail and restaurants in her time as Director of the Retail Action Project in New York City, and Co-Director of Young Workers United in San Francisco. She currently helps organize the Brooklyn Jacobin Reading Groups, providing opportunities for leftist thinkers and activists to engage in NYC solidarity efforts and to create new collective social and economic justice projects.

Dave Hancock

Researcher. Policy & Campaign Consultant.

Dave Hancock is a NYC-based research, policy and strategic campaign consultant working with labor unions and community organizations to build power for working people. Dave is currently working with labor unions and community organizations to advocate for responsible development practices that create good jobs for local residents and real affordable housing in NYC.

Amanda Johnson

Digital Communications

Amanda Johnson is the National Digital Director at the Working Families Party, a minor party in the U.S. which seeks to elect progressive candidates and build power on the left state by state. She specializes in elevating and strengthening campaigns with the power of digital engagement and communication. As Campaign Director at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Amanda ran campaigns to pass stricter gun laws, pass public financing of elections, expand social security, and more. She lives in Brooklyn and thrives on playing pool, cooking, and gardening. @AmandaElizJ

Dolly Martinez

Organizer. Artist.

Dolly Martinez is Lead Organizer for the Zara campaign of the Retail Action Project, an organization of retail workers dedicated to improving opportunities and standards in the retail industry. Dolly is also an artist who uses her art to deliver empowering messages to her peers and the community. Dolly successfully organized the Utrecht/Blick art supply store where she worked and looks forward to organizing many more stores and fighting for improved working conditions across the low-wage retail industry.

Rachel McCullough


Originally from Brooklyn, Rachel McCullough has been organizing in struggles for immigrant and workers' rights, youth empowerment, and racial justice in Los Angeles and New York since 2004. She has been a community organizer with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice since 2011, and a proud member since 2008. At JFREJ, Rachel was part of the historic campaign for the New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, and continues to work deeply with affiliates of the National Domestic Workers Alliance on new models for implementation, collective bargaining, base-building, and worker-employer partnership in the care sector. She is passionate about building transformative grassroots organizations, developing transformative and intersectional campaigns, and fighting to win.

Luis Moreno-Caballud

Researcher. Writer. Activist.

Luis Moreno-Caballud is a researcher, writer, and activist. He works at the University of Pennsylvania, participated in the gestation of Occupy Wall Street, and now collaborates with different political groups (including Marea Granate NY), focusing mostly on building dialogues between anti-neoliberal social movements in Spain and the US. His book ``Cultures of Anyone. Studies on Cultural Democratization in the Spanish Neoliberal Crisis`` explores the emergence of collaborative and egalitarian alternatives in social movements such as 15M and the PAH, is coming out in June 2015, and will be available online for free.

Ana Nogueira

Organizer. Producer.

Ana Nogueira has spent the last 2 ½ years co-founding Mayday Bar and Community Space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Prior, she was a journalist and producer of Democracy Now! radio and TV show, as well as a founder of the NYC Independent Media Center, the Indypendent newspaper, and the global Indymedia movement. In her spare time, Ana organizes around climate justice issues with Rising Tide NYC. Her goal for this trip is to learn more about building sustainable and intersectional movements and movement spaces.

Robert Pluma

Multimedia Journalist, Independent Documentarian

Robert Pluma has collaborated with many organizations as both an independent multimedia journalist and volunteer community organizer. He likes to remain flexible, fill in the gaps in terms of what needs to get done and continue diversifying my skills while both learning from and sharing my knowledge with others. Robert has contributed content to various media outlets including Democracy Now! and The Indypendent, and frequently serves as a photographer, editor, and cinematographer for a number of organizations, including Mayday Space, Sandy Storyline, If Not Now, When?, People's Climate Arts and Solidaire.

Jessica Powers

Writer. Organizer.

Jessica Powers is a writer and organizer. She works at WhyHunger, which uses food justice and changing the food system as an intersection for movement building, working with anti-hunger and anti-poverty organizations, food justice groups, and international social movements. Jess managed an emergency feeding program that planned and responded to disasters affecting people in the NYC area as well as federally declared disasters. She worked as a chef for over ten years, having adventures in restaurants and bakeries, on boats, and at a former state bakery in Russia.

Stefanie Rivera


Stefanie Rivera is currently the Director of Client Services at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. She started the Prisoner Rights Project to help incarcerated Trans individuals to have a connection with people who care. She is also a founding member of FIERCE, a Lesbian Gay Transgendered Bisexual Queer Youth-led organization that organizes grassroots campaigns to fight police harassment and violence and promote increased access to safe public space for LGBTQ youth.

Tony Romano


Tony Romano has been a labor and community organizer for 23 years fighting for racial, gender and economic justice. He is currently the Organizing Director of the Right to the City national alliance where he coordinates the Homes For All campaign. Tony is co-founder of the Miami Workers Center and served as Organizing Director for 10 years organizing in African American and Latin@ communities against gentrification and for community control of land. He is a native of Georgia and a Sephardic Jew.

Erica Sagrans

Organizer. Writer. Strategist.

Erica Sagrans is an organizer, writer, and digital campaign strategist based in Chicago. She is the campaign manager for Ready for Warren, a grassroots push to draft progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president. In Chicago, she is part of a new wave of organizing to elect progressives to office--she was the digital director for United Working Families leading up to the Chicago elections in April. Erica is on the board of In These Times magazine, and edited the book ``We Are Wisconsin,`` a collection of activist writing on the 2011 Wisconsin uprising and Capitol occupation.

Lucas Shapiro

Delegation Coordinator

Lucas Shapiro is the lead coordinator of the social movement delegation to Spain and has been an organizer in NYC with groups such as Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE) and the West Side Neighborhood Alliance fighting for affordable housing, fair development and good jobs. He is a member of the Mayday collective launching a new social justice bar, cafe and movement space in Brooklyn. He is also a Spain/U.S. dual citizen and in 2005, helped expand the social center Ateneu Candela while living in Terrassa, Barcelona.

Tamara Shapiro

Organizer. Strategist.

Tamara Shapiro was one of the lead strategists and facilitators of the InterOccupy network and one of the lead coordinators of Occupy Sandy, a citizen led humanitarian effort which quickly responded to Hurricane Sandy, and helped found two projects with hurricane survivors Rockaway Wildfire and Worker Owned Rockaway Cooperatives. Since Sandy, she created and implemented a networked hub structure for the Peoples Climate March and helped found Movement Netlab a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’.






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